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Posted on: 11/09/18

  They have a morrocan design that is cut out of the fabric and can be used as panels on the wall as well as in front of the window... I am currently redecorating my living room and I plan to take full advantage of all this vibrancy by using reclaimed materials and furniture, quirky wall decals and wall murals and some wonderfully imaginative accessories.home interiors are starting to move away from the bland and homogeneous minimalism that has dominated the interiors magazines for years.My favourite accessories are some shelves that are disguised as books called SelfShelf. The book title is Ceci n'est pas un livre ('this is not a book') so this is postmodernism in action!I still need to source lighting but with all the amazing choices out there Im having a whale of a time! The huge array of wall decals, wallpaper murals, furniture and unusual accessories available online is mind boggling but my advice is be daring, be bold and get surfing!.The sofa has been my one big luxury as I have been craving a bright-coloured patchwork pattern for ages and managed to find a company that re-upholster TPU Fabrics Manufacturers second-hand sofas in beautiful patchwork fabrics.Secondly, the window treatments. To add some much needed character, I have sourced some wonderful wall stickers online.

 This is one of the more difficult areas to get right but I was lucky enough to visit France this summer and find some amazing curtains in a shop called Madura. I simply can't resist an amazing wallpaper mural called Junglaland by Wall & Deco which features a huge pink orchid stretching across the wall with a damask background. I still love the light airy feel that was such a big part of the minimalist look so I have opted for off-white walls as a backdrop for everything else. Firstly, the wall decor needs to be sorted out. I've fallen for a pink stag's head which will make a fantastic feature above the fireplace. I am going to put this on the wall opposite the fireplace.. Instead we are seeing a move towards a more individualistic approach that uses bespoke designs, hand-crafted items and best of all demonstrates a sense of humour. breathe a sigh of relief


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